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slutty brownies

Food is a universal language. Communicating, sharing cultures, fulfilling hunger, all with just a single bite.  According to Jennifer Lofgren, food blogs started appearing around 2000, and since then, the number has gone up and up, creating an established community within the blogosphere.


Even with the huge variety of food blogs out there, I’m always discovering that there is always more to learn and experience about food.

As I dive in to this indulgence of a read, I find myself wishing I had a plate of all these dishes right in front of me.  Here are my top 10 foodie blogs that I’d love to share with you.

1) The Kitchn

Why We Like it? It must be called the kitchn for a reason; it’s got everything besides the kitchen sink.  Recipes are separated by a variety of different categories, from type of cuisine and type of dish to different holidays and seasons.  This site supplies the average cook with every resource necessary for building a foodie empire.

Cook This!  Though I did not make my way through each and every recipe supplied by the site, I thought this Vegan Dessert Duo worthy of sharing, as it appears just as decadent if not more than any other dessert.  These strawberry hand pies and chocolate hazelnut ice cream from The First Mess remind me of childhood, and I just could not resist.

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2) Call Him Yes Chef

spaghetti pie

Why We Like It?  This guy Corby, boy is he a real treat.  His innovative recipes and stellar pictures correspond perfectly with his light and humor filled writing.  The best part is that he makes you feel in the moment with him, and really that’s what writing and food is all about.

Cook This!  His post “Basic Economics of the Freezer or What is that and how long has it been in there?”  exemplifies a creative recipe  through his humorous nature.  It’s actually this cheesy spaghetti pie that looks utterly divine, despite the deceiving title.

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3) I am a Food Blog 


Why We Like It? Truly extraordinary.  Firstly, I am head over heels in love with the layout, the graphics, and the whole site really.  It captures you immediately with big bold headings and intense vivid images.  I honestly would have to say this is by far  one of my absolute favorites.

Cook This!  While it was challenging to just pick one, I settled on something that would show the sheer ingeniousness of the style of this blog: a hot dog bun recipe.  Most people choose to make the prepackaged crescent roll dough, but sometimes you have to take the road less traveled, it’s worth it!

Contact Via Twitter  @iamafoodblog

4) Serious Eats

Why We Like It?  This blog covers all it’s bases.  Not only does it provide great recipes, many with a very original flare, but also there is a ton of information on food touring around the big cities in the U.S.  Also if you’re looking for some more unconventional foodie advice, there’s a whole section for conversation and information sharing.

Cook This!  There are so many amazing choices, but I just had to go with Mango Lassi Fro Yo.  Refreshing and simple though honestly, venture out and choose for yourself as I really don’t think you could go wrong.

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5) Delicious Shots

Why We Like It?  Wow, the pictures on this one are outstanding.  With a middle eastern influence, Najwa’s recipes simplify the most complex dishes into something manageable for the home chef.  Going along with that concept, I love that she has a section titled ‘Everyday Bread’.

Cook This! So as previously mentioned, Najwa has a lot of middle eastern style dishes, but she seems to have quite the sweet tooth because her dessert recipes are unique and plenty.  The fig cake combines the best of both and is definitely something worth trying.

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6) Green Kitchen Stories


Why We Like It?  This blog is all about keeping it healthy, but in a creative way.  You might think that a vegetarian diet could be limited, but the combinations that this couple selects are so unique and out of the ordinary that they make  health food look like a decadent indulgence.

Cook This!  So because vegetarian food can often lack an indulgence factor, I chose the most decadent looking recipe I could find :  Mint and Mango Marinated Zucchini Spaghetti.  Maybe it’s the creamy sauce or the mouthwatering pasta, but this recipe looks like a cozy summer on a plate.

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7) Seven Spoons

kentucky hot biscuit

Why We Like It?  Though Tara started her blog with intentions of using it as a storage unit for her recipes, she too can acknowledge how it has grown into so much more.  The style of the blog is elegant and simple, and while the recipes also exhibit these qualities, you can tell that they are bursting with flavor and personality.  Her writing is composed in a similar fashion as well.

Cook This!  Of course Tara had plenty to choose from, but I found this particular recipe especially capturing in just the way she writes it:  The Kentucky Hot Brown on a Biscuit.  I was drawn in by curiosity, but this dish seems to be a cranked up version of a BLT mixed with a turkey breakfast sandwich.   Overall, all I know, is it looks worth the effort.

Contact via Twitter @taraobrady

8) Guilty Kitchen

Why We Like It?  This blogger provides a really interesting perspective, as she works off of a mostly paleo diet.  Her recipes are slightly more animal protein based than carbohydrate based.  Not to worry though, if you are actually interested in following this diet, you can subscribe to Elizabeth’s grocery list and grocery deals through her site.

Cook This!  So because Elizabeth blogs mostly along a paleo diet, I thought it perfect to highlight a recipe of that cuisine: Paleo Sandwich Bread.  Though it looks like a hearty whole wheat bread,  it’s ingredients are far from the ordinary, as it contains no wheat or white flour.  It’s mostly composed of nuts and coconuts, making it high in protein.  An interesting swap if I do say so myself.

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paleo bread


9) Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy

Why We Like It? First of all, the title is simply divine.  You know her recipes are going to be heavenly with a name like that one.  Also, it seems to me she focuses on taking things to the next level.  Susan herself is an overachiever, as she takes on a handful of roles both in her home and in her professional career.  Her recipes and posts clearly illustrate her passion for always improving her work.

Cook This! This Choco-Rum Buttermilk Banana bread stuffs every single luxurious ingredient into one single loaf.  And you know what sounds good to me? If you turn it into french toast. mmm

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10) What’s Gaby Cooking

slutty brownies

Why We Like It?  Gaby clearly likes to keep it clean.  Not only is her webpage impeccably well organized and neat, her recipe box is something extraordinary in classifications, categories, and style.  Each recipe then comes with a little story, filled with entertaining personality,  pictures, and directions.

Cook This!  Oy, Gaby has these Peppermint Slutty Brownies that literally make me want to eat them off the computer screen.  She  also has pictures guiding you through each step of the way, which doesn’t help my hunger when there’s oreos stacked on top of raw cookie dough.  The whole thing just looks heavenly and the mint is a creative twist.

Contact via Twitter @WhatsGabyCookin or

Article by EatWith blogger and creamy dessert blogger, Michelle O. 

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