10 Things To Do In London

things to do in london

Want to know why London is one of the world’s most visited cities in Europe? The fact that it’s impossible to be bored in this city probably has something to do with it!

There’s always something to see and do in London, whether you’re admiring the city’s history and some of the world’s best art, exploring each distinctive neighborhood after the other, or taking full advantage of the city’s vibrant shopping, dining, and entertainment scene. It doesn’t stop there either, as well as being a global metropolitan force, London also gives you the best of both worlds with wide-open vistas and leafy landscapes free for you to kick back and relax in.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to discover this ancient city once, capital to the entire British Empire? Of course you are, and with this list, you’ll see the best 10 things to do in London!

Things to do in London; explore the city

Changing of the guard

Buckingham Palace is a sight to behold in itself, but there is something about seeing the Changing of the Guard that makes it even more magical! As one of the few working royal palaces remaining in the world today, make sure to head down to the Queen’s official London residence and watch the famous ceremony that takes place daily at 11:30 AM. You can even take a tour of the lavish estate afterward!

things to do in london

The London Eye

One of the most famous things to do in London and an iconic feature of the city’s skyline today is the towering London Eye. Soaring 135 meters above the River Thames, this observation wheel gives you a thrilling perspective of the city, boasting views of 25 miles in each direction and displaying more than 55 of London’s most famous landmarks. What to see all of the great city in 30 minutes?

things to do in london

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is possibly the most famous park in London and is the city’s largest open space. An incredibly diverse area, you can stroll through the greenery, sit and relax, or you may be lucky to soak in some of the culture that is inevitably taking place. A place full of history from being a hunting ground and venue for executions for Henry VIII all the way up to the park it is today, you can find Speaker’s Corner full with performance artists and debates, go paddle-boating on the lake, or if you come around Christmas, see the whole place transformed into a magical Winter Wonderland!

After a day outdoors, why not spend the evening inside with incredible food and live music with The Elmore Jam? It’s one entertaining evening that’s for sure!

things to do in london

Eat with a local

Although most major cities have the stereotype of stern and busy people bustling about their day, Londoners couldn’t be further from it! In fact, the local people in London are known for being very social and hospitable, perfect for welcoming travelers into their homes to share a hearty British meal! If you’re in the city and you don’t know what to do, eat or learn to cook from a local. Not only will you have an awesome experience, but you’ll get an exclusive insight into the city too!

things to do in london

So many locals are waiting to meet you! Have lunch with Fenny, a delicious British dinner with Rebecca or learn to cook Thai summer classics in North London with home chef Alex.

Visit the sights

Of course one of the top things to do in London is to visit the major sights! These iconic landmarks and famous attractions are what draw tourists to the city by the thousands each year, so naturally, one or all of these should make your itinerary while visiting. If you’re a history buff, make sure to visit buildings such as the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. More of a culture vulture? Explore the different architecture and vibes of each London district and take a stroll down the Thames. If you’re looking for fun and thrills, the city has a plethora of attractions from the London Dungeons and Madam Tussauds to the London Eye and view from the Shard, just waiting to give you the dose of adrenaline that you seek!

Tower of London

Another of the world’s most famous buildings, the Tower of London, is a must-see while in London. Offering a window into the gruesome and compelling history of the city, this infamous fortress looks menacing when you approach it even with the skyscrapers that surround it. Spend a day in its menacing walls going back 1,000 years to the time that it was a palace, a prison, an armory, barracks, the mint and a place of execution. See the colorful Yeoman Warders (the guards of the tower), the historical ravens and the sparkling crown jewels all in this magnificent place.

things to do in london

End a very British day with traditional dishes with a contemporary twist! Theater performer Katherine will surely entertain!

Museum of natural history

You can always get a unique insight into a city from its museums and it’s no different for the Natural History Museum. Not only does this colossal building look incredible from the outside, but it also holds a great number of fossils and treasures and scientific findings that will blow anyone’s mind! Spend the day getting lost in the displays of the natural world and make sure to visit the famous Dinosaur gallery!

Top the day off with a unique experience! Treat yourself to a 5 course Tour of Sicily with gourmet foodie Diana or a michelin food art tasting experience with Antonia Clare. You won’t regret it!

things to do in london

Take a tour of the city

Exploring the city in one way or another needs to be one of the things you do in London! There are so many ways to do it too so take your pick! Take one of the famous hop-on-hop-off open bus tours to see the sights, cruise along the River Thames or take a walking tour. You can even make it more of an adventure by opting for a bike tour, or do something completely different and choose the London Rock Music Tour or spooky Jack the Ripper tour in the darkness of the night! Whatever your choice, you can be sure that you’ll experience the city in a whole new light.

things to do in london

Something different you say? How about secret food tours with local foodie Sharlene to get your taste buds tingling?

Windsor Castle

One of the top things to do in London has to be a visit to the Queen’s home – Windsor Castle. The oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, this impressive royal residence is a sight that will have your eyes bulging in awe and your jaw hitting the floor. What’s even more exciting is that you can go inside and see the magnificent state apartments for yourself as well as Queen Mary’s Doll House and Saint George’s Chapel.

See a broadway show

Much like New York, London has its own exciting broadway scene full of spotlights, spangles and talented performers who get everyone on their feet! If you have time and enjoy an evening of dinner and a show, experiencing London’s West End is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

things to do in london

With so many things to do in London and so little time, make the most of your travels around the city with our top list! Oh and don’t forget to have some amazing food along the way and meet some awesome locals through Eatwith!

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