4 New Year’s resolutions for a more sustainable 2020


We’re one week in to the new year, so it’s time to put your new year’s resolutions in to action. Have you set your goals for 2020? If not, we’re here to help. This year, we want to do everything we can for a greener and more sustainable future, so why not add an eco resolution to your list! 
We caught up with Aidan, one of our incredible Eatwith hosts, who champions sustainable dining and runs Eleven98, a residential and pop-up dining experience that has sustainability right at the heart of its ethos.

Each one of us has a responsibility for the welfare of the planet we live on. We may ask ourselves: “how can I make sure, to the best of my ability, that I’m doing right by mother nature?” Well the answer is simple: let’s think about what we consume, how much of it we consume, where it came from and how it got here. By simply taking a moment to contemplate these questions, we can start to think about how we can make the right decisions when it comes to minimizing the impact we have on our planet.

Since day one, the key aim of Eleven98 has been to bring our diners closer to where their food comes from, by championing an ultra-locavore style of cuisine that is based entirely on produce sourced from within the London borough of Hackney. This is by no means easy, and requires an enormous amount of forward planning, networking, relationship-building and of course knowledge of the local food scene.

We put a huge amount of effort into being able to achieve this, but the same isn’t necessarily true for you. It’s much easier than you might think to start taking steps towards being more environmentally friendly in your everyday life.

Here are my top tips for a more sustainable 2020:

1. Grow your own veggies

Have you ever considered growing your own vegetables? A bit of reading up on simple horticultural practises, or even joining your local food growing network or allotment scheme can come in handy for getting you up to speed with the basics. Growing your own means you know exactly where your produce is coming from, and getting out in the open to tend a garden space, no matter how big or small, can do wonders for one’s mental well-being.

2. Local veg box schemes

There are tonnes of local veg box schemes around these days, like “Growing Communities” for example. We’ve been buying Hackney-grown produce from them for years, but their weekly veg boxes are also supplemented with loads of fantastic organically grown produce from local farms in the home counties. Having a rotating box of fresh, seasonal fruit and veg in your kitchen every week is a really great way to get into the habit of cooking and eating with the seasons.

3. Support your local independent stores

Shop local and invest in the community. In Hackney, meat and fish are sourced exclusively from small, reputable independent purveyors around the borough, and dry-store ingredients are carefully procured from many of Hackney’s organic, wholefood shops.

4. Recycle, recycle, recycle!

There are simple steps you can take around the house too. Make sure you have a food waste bin – if you don’t, your local council will send you once if you get in touch via their website. And if you don’t already, making sure to separate your recycling at home is the best way to get into the habit of being more mindful of what you throw away and how you do it. We all produce waste, that’s just the way of the world. But taking some simple steps to try to be as responsible as you can, really can make a big difference.

Local dining

Check out Aidan’s amazing sustainable dining experiences –Innovative Sustainable Tasting Menu and Eleven98 Pops Up @ Hackney Coffee Co. and book your seat at the table today!

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