Our hosts share tips and tricks to their signature recipes

Host Recipe: Dina’s Lasagna

The new lasagna is vegan, and gluten-free. Yes, for you healthy eaters, lasagna is still very much an option. This is how.

Host Recipe: Claudia’s Gingerbread

A Christmas Dinner Party should always smell like home, with delectable smells coming from the oven. The biggest contributor? Delicious festive snacks like Gingerbread!

Pratap's Hot Chocolate

Host Recipe: Pratap’s Hot Chocolate

There’s just something about holding a warm mug of hot chocolate that transports you back to a place of comfort. Here, host Pratap shares an easy recipe.

Oaxacan Mole

Host Recipe: Carla’s Oaxaca Molé Sauce

One of the most beloved and famed dishes in Mexico is molé – a thick and creamy sauce made of chocolate and spices. Here, Chicago host Carla shares her family recipe.